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MaxiRoll Standard & Options


The major factor of SNOWFLAKE ®  is the new design of the spokes in the ring. The design of the Snowflkake ring gives a greater number of spokes which in turn gives a far greater strength at the circumference by virtue of the fact that at every extremity on the ring there is a spoke to support it. The design of SNOWFLAKE® is unique and is both product and design protected. Destruction tests have confirmed that the SNOWFLAKE® ring is 6 times stronger than conventional cambridge rings. Dal-Bo are therefore offering a 6 year warranty for the SNOWFLAKE® ring.


The Cambridge/breaker ring is recommended for rolling in germinated areas and in grass fields. The toothed rings break the surface so that the roots are aerated. The lightly waved large rings ensure that the roller does not block in loose soil. The new rounded profiles protect the plants and make the rings less vulnerable when driving into stones. Cam, welled and smooth rings are also available.


The crosskill ring is a cultivation ring, which leaves a porous surface, with less risk of erosion and sand drift. Alternate rings are mounted loosely onto the shaft, which ensures that the roller is very good at keeping itself clean. The crosskill rings are also very robust against stones. It is also suitable for rolling in germinated areas.


This newly developed versatile ring will offer more options. The extra weight (app. 650 kg/m) offered by this ring will make it an ideal choice for seedbed preparation and for grassland rolling.

​In transport position Maxiroll 2008 is only 2.50 m wide. The 8.30HD, 10.30 and 12.30 m versions are 3.00 m. All models are as standard equipped with road lights.

Even though each roller section is under hydraulic pressure, they have the possibility of following the soil contours individually. Each section can diverge more than 500 mm on the outside This is facilitated by 2 gas accumulators.

Stone trays can be added to each of the side gangs. The trays are emptied automatically when folding.
As an alternative to the crackerboard Maxiroll 2008 can be equipped with a 2 row harrow. The angle of the harrow can be adjusted by spindles and the adjustment of the depth is hydraulic.
When working very heavy and dry types of soil it can be an advantage to replace the standard wearing parts by "crust crackers".
Hydraulic jack
Lower linkage cat. 2 or 3
Scharmüller K80
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